Why Choose The Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

There are many types of chairs available in today’s market with good and perfect comfort. However, Our Infinity IT 8500 massage chair provides the best therapeutics with thick foam to make the best to take as a choice. Our Infinity IT 8500 review, this massage chair has some unique features that will not only guarantee the best comfort but also ensure that you get the best experience while using this type. These are the only chairs with perfect support and still mind your economic status because they come at an affordable price. There are many rationales as to why the IT-8500 is the best choice to opt.

Why choose Infinity IT-8500 Seat

It has Zero Gravity

massage chair modelZero gravity relieves the tension and the compression type in the backbone during the lunch. This seat is made in such way that it resists to atmospheric gravity which will protect you from backbone problems. These are achieved due to the application of zero Gravity software, which guarantees that this factor is made to practice. Having this in your chair promote excellent and deep breathing with further relaxation, this allows the more profound message of breath.

The inversion Therapy

The inversion helps to put the gravity to zero by balancing your body with action and reaction forces caused by gravity. IT-8500 will then fold back to a point where the zero gravity position, while using your body mass as the natural and the usual actions of friction. These features enable the seat to elongate the spine by making the space between the vertebrae increase, which will then reduce the discs pressure, nerve roots, and ligaments.

Spine correction

The only seat, which helps to maintain your posture during the True-Grip stretch, is the Infinity IT-8500. The application of Thai techniques, which enhance the spinal correction by having the hip, the back airbags placed on the upper part helps to relieve tensional force in your back.

Waist Twist

The chair will help to move once hips and swivel them side to side in a twisting way, which enhances the stretch, and massage the lower part by increasing the heat in the bones. The twisting motion helps to reduce the lower spine pain, which usually is a quite acute. The seat provides three level of speed to deal with your needs, which you can independently turn, at you own to archive the best seating angle.

The Airbag compression Massage

three black massage chairInfinity IT-8500 has a maximum of 40 airbags which are placed in the neck pillow, arms hips, shoulder, calves, seat area, and feet. These allow the massage Roller to contact most of your body parts, to make the massage action to rest of the body by giving a compression soothing massage.

Every airbag deflates and inflates to create a comprehensive body massage with intensity adjustments. The seat allows you to control the whole airbag system by a single touch of the airbag button. These means you will decide the right message that suits you well. Have you have seen this is not just a mare seat like any other, it is a seat of its own.…

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