Choosing White Noise Machine

Are you a parent having the hard task of getting your baby to sleep? Or are you the kind your baby is up and wailing in just a few minutes of sleep? Both scenarios are frustrating; we understand so especially at night. Both you and your baby need to sleep. Therefore, all you need is the best baby white noise machines to have your little munchkin sleeping in just a couple of minutes.

baby white noise deviceA white noise machine is simply a device that produces some soothing sounds so as to put your baby to sleep. They feature quality natural sounds like rain, heartbeat along with relaxing lullabies and nursery rhymes. Ideally, when babies are in the womb they get used to noises of the mother heartbeat, her voice, and the tummy rumbles.

So, when born they will have to adapt to the new environment and that is why white noise machines come to your rescue. However, there are several types of baby white noise machines to choose from ranging from the plug-in, portable, stuffed animal, and the combination white noise machines. How do you get the best that suits your situation? Here are the tips to help you make the right choice.

General Appearance

This is a factor that most parents do not consider to be important. The appearance of the white noise machine does matter. You won’t like an ugly machine anyway. If possible look for one that will match with your nursery décor.

How the Machine is Powered

Usually, white noise machine is powered by a connection to a battery, an electrical outlet or a USB plug. The advantage with battery powered machines is that they are portable. However, they are in most cases more expensive.

But in case you are set for a battery noise machine, consider a rechargeable battery and the charger. In the long run, you will have saved some costs.

The Sound Made

White sound machines generate several sounds like nursery melody, heartbeat, ambient nature sounds, and animal sounds. Make sure you choose on a machine with sounds that will soothe your baby.

Does It Have a Remote Control?

Some White noise machines come with a remote control others don’t. Everyone will like to control the noise machine while at their own comfort zone place. A remote allows controlling the device from your room without necessarily moving to the other room. Consider a noise machine with a remote control.

Sleep Timer

white noise machineDoes the white noise machine have a sleep timer? A sleep timer helps as can pre-set it to start a countdown when the machine gets on and upon reaching zero, the machine is switched off. Most noise machines that are portable do have a sleep timer. Other have an automatic sleep timer meaning you won’t play the machine throughout the night.

Basically, a white noise machine helps you a lot in making your baby put to bed. You don’t have to be frustrated any longer when it starts to get dark. Make your choice today and observe your little munchkin peacefully enjoy the nights.…

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