How to Be a Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is the same as the one starting up a business, even if you are within an established Realtor or brokerage you will still need startup funds for your expenses such as business expenses and personal expenses to cover the several months building your client base.

Be serious in your every move and step, for your first sold sign up might happen with your savings still intact and untouched. To be a successful agent, you need to invest your time in education, research for a broker that is willing to help your first clients and pass a state and national relicense exams. And to better help you to become a successful agent, here are some of the overlooked aspects the might help you;


There are some Realtor agencies and brokerage that are looking for specific education requirements, which is why one must take an additional course even after being hired by an agency. Some states require a specific hour of education attained by an aspiring agent, contacting your state’s real estate commission to find out the requirements of your state for licensing. And researching for your prospective workplace about their additional requirement will also help in preparation for your application.

picking agent

Choose Your Agency or Brokerage

Working in an agency or realtor is a requirement needed to be able to practice as an agent, it is best to search for a brokerage as soon as before graduating. Brokers are adding at least three more years in the training to become an agent and guide you through the questions you might have when it comes to working in the field.

In looking for a broker, it is best to consider its reputation, the size of its brokerage and the additional training it offers. It also bests that you carefully craft your interview questions; this will help the broker in determining if you will fit well enough in the agency and a good interview question will provide you further knowledge and information.

Pass the Licensing Exam

An agent will not be accepted as an agent if one does not pass the state and national exams. An additional requirement such as a record of your criminal background is needed to be submitted.


You needed to have a budget in regards to your professional expenses such as business cards, advertising, signs and association fees and not including the additional exam fees. Though, becoming a broker is a lot cheaper than any other professions. In a commission-based business, having an extra budget is important to be able to get by in few months that have zero sales, it is best that you ready yourself in the worst scenario rather than be caught unaware in your situation.


Build a Portfolio

Getting a mentor is as best as making sure your future, a mentor is the one that will teach you the tricks of the trade and might bring you your first commission check. Learning the profession straight from the expert is best to be seen in your portfolio as it can also build your reputation.