Common Air Conditioner Issues

Air conditioners are meant to make the conditions inside your home during the hot summer bearable. Unfortunately, some conditioners act up when needed most. Some problem can be detected and solved by routine maintenance, but there are others that become common as the AC unit ages. Some common issues include funny noises, frozen coils, leaking refrigerants, and electrical problems among others. That said, this article looks at some things that might go wrong with your air conditioner any time soon.

Installation Problems

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The air conditioner chosen should be neither too big nor too small for the room. Unfortunately, often mistakes are made when it comes to selecting the appropriate size of an AC unit, especially during the installation stages. Thus, if you are facing installation issues, the only sure remedy is to install a unit with the right size. Besides size, it is imperative to ensure the installation is done professionally to avoid installation-related issues like leaking ducts and airflow issues.

Leaking Refrigerant

At times, you might realize that the air conditioner is low on refrigerant. Ideally, the air conditioner is only able to work at its optimal levels when the amount of refrigerant matches the manufacturers’ specifications. Low refrigerant issues are mainly linked to two problems. Either the AC unit is leaking or the amounts put during the installation were not adequate. Whatever the reason, the best thing to do is call a professional and have this issue fixed.


A noisy air conditioner can be your worst nightmare. Some noises from the AC can be deafening or even rob you of your sleep. Most sounds in an air conditioner emanate from the moving parts of this unit like the fan belt. Lubrication can solve this problem. Another thing to look at is the bearing and lubrication.

Not Cooling

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If the temperature of the air getting into the conditioner and the one getting out from the outlet is the same, it means the air conditioner is not doing its job. Most probably, it could be a sensor issue. The sensor could be defective, or it could be knocked out of position. An air conditioning expert should help you make amends and even adjust the thermostat in case a poor setting causes it.

Other AC issues include freezing inside the pipes, blocked grills, or when the air conditioner abruptly stops to run. Clarke & Rush air conditioning experts have all it takes to help you get your AC unit at its best. If you need to install one, these experts will see to it that everything is done right and professionally.…

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