Factors to Consider when Buying a New Ladder

A ladder is an everyday tool that most of us take for granted. And when the need arises, that is the time we open our laptops and order blindly. Choosing a good ladder is not an easy task now that we have hundreds of models in the market. Many companies have come up, and they are improving their models from time to time to compete with other brands in the market. It can be even more challenging if you do not understand what a good ladder possesses. When you need to buy a new ladder, you must define your needs to make buying process less hectic. To help in making the right selection, here are some of the top factors that you must consider before you buy ladder.




Selecting the right ladder style will give you the reason to be content with your investment. As aforementioned, there are many designs in the market. And it is upon you to choose a ladder with a style that you love. The style of design is responsible for your safety and productivity. Using the wrong design will impose limitation towards accomplishing your task. Using the wrong ladder style for a given task can cause injuries. Therefore, ensure you choose the right design.


Duty Rating

Duty rating is significant when buying a new ladder. Every ladder model is designed for a specific task. And every ladder is meant to carry up to weights of certain limits. There five common ladder duty ratings based on the grade and model. Duty rating is the maximum safe loading capacity of a given ladder. The load includes that of the person and his or her tools and materials. All this weight in total should be less than the ladder’s duty rating. For instance, a construction ladder is typically strong because the workers are rugged and more weight is carried throughout the construction period. Therefore, the duty rating of the ladder must correspond to requirements of the tasks ahead. Having this in mind will help to take prior safety precautions.


Material Used

This should not miss out on your buying checklist. Materials used factor is as important as other factors herein. Therefore, ensure you select a ladder based on the material that you prefer. Ladders are made from different materials. The duty rating of a ladder is always determined by the type of materials used to construct it. For instance, an aluminum ladder is likely to serve you for quite a long period than the one that is made from wood. Therefore, proper choice of materials will help you to determine the ladder’s durability and duty ratings. The material used can also help you in the selection of an appropriate ladder. For instance, working near naked electric wires will not allow you use an aluminum ladder because of its conduction properties.




To ensure you have the right tool for your needs, make sure you consider the height of the ladder. Try to consider your individual needs when considering the proper ladder height. Extension ladders must be ranging from 7 to 10 feet long. This will give you more space for proper setup and overlap of the ladder sections. They should mark the highest standing level for your safety. Also, height goes hand in hand with stability. Make sure the ladder is stable enough from the base.…

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